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January 17, 2022, 10:12:33 am
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1  /\\/ Public / Recruitment & Challenges / Re: recruitment application on: January 05, 2008, 02:01:50 pm
and i really think the m79 isnt a noob weapon because to be able to use it really good u need to be able to compensate for the big arc and not to mention the fact that u must be very close to yer enemy to hit them and almost always u only get 1 shot at your enemy and if u miss yer dead because by the time u get reloaded the enemy can have countless shots off at you by the time yer even reloaded also even though it is a 1 shot kill its pretty easy to dodge a m79 shot if u know how and srry for this run on sentence/ paragraph but still not done yet
anyway a good m79 player must learn how to dodge any weapon well and a good m79 person needs to be good with their secondary weapon which i have used countless times to save my hide and kill the enemy. thats all....i hope u dont think the m79 is for noobs anymore cuz the m79 does take atleast some skill to use it well

i realize that their r noobs who use the m79 but when they kill some1 its usually luck not skill and if it is a noob then they wont be hard to kil lbut a skilled player will be able to dodge and what not

i hope u dont expect me to be some pro now lol cuz i used to be a lil good but its been a while like ive said and im rusty as hell

well srry bout that long post but plz read and reconsider if u think m79 is only a nublet gun
2  /\\/ Public / Recruitment & Challenges / recruitment application on: January 05, 2008, 01:44:14 pm
ctf or tw:ctf
best gun:m79...srry i know its a noobish gun T.T i hear it from everyone
time played:i used to play like 4 months ago i played like 2 months then i quit and here i am and just started few days ago but im getting better
skill level 1-10: lol this is hard depends who im facing, but 6 atm lol cuz i just restarted
past clans:omega, only 1 i remember
reason for wanting to join: i want friends in soldat again and someone to help me train and to just have fun
other information: im also good with the chainsaw kinda, i used to play a while ago as i said above but even though im not as god as i once was i think i only need to practice for a bit and i be good as i used to be

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